The products we offer today will bring you closest to the music in each respective size category and at an unbeatable price. We create loudspeakers that are elegant, utilize cutting edge technology, and are natural transducers of sound.  

Clearwave Loudspeaker Design is a factory direct company.  Therefore, we offer a money back trial period, since we believe you are your own best reviewer.  We believe our quality will speak for itself.  If the speakers were sold through dealers, they would be twice the price.

See our contact page and let us discuss what speaker will best fit your needs. There is virtually no wait, after you order.  All our products are in stock and ready to ship.  We choose the best components and make it available to you now. Therefore, you know the absolute quality you are getting, and our resell value remains very high.

Welcome to Clearwave Loudspeaker Design!

Duet Six Aperture S52