4T SE main speakers (pair-- full kit)

4T SE main speakers (pair-- full kit)
This is a serious tower speaker kit that is a perfect match for the 4CCSE center channel or used on its own in a high end system (cabinets not included). All the of drivers are very low harmonic distortion and are used in their optimum passband for amazing dynamics.

The four Dayton RS180-8 drivers per side offer tremendous power handling and allow bass impact you can feel. They remain one of the best values anywhere. The Tang Band W4-1337 titanium midrange has extremely low moving mass and offers quick transient response. They are value leaders in this price range. The Scan Speak HDS tweeter has no trouble keeping up with the mids and contributes a detailed top end response with class leading dispersion for a 1" dome. The low crossover point minimizes lobing errors and creates a smooth power response. The result is clear dialogue and impact no matter where you are sitting in your home theater room.

4TSE cabinet drawing

For details on the build process, wiring, construction, and frequency response, click on the instruction manual below:

4 Series Manual

Dynamic Series 4TSE Parts List:

Scan-Speak D2608/9130 1" HDS Tweeter --2

Tangband W4-1337SD Midrange --4

Dayton RS180-8 Woofer --8

Assembled crossover on 2 Mundorf Matix boards --2

(Allow 1 weeks for crossover construction)

14 gauge wire 25ft --2

Pan screws #8 X 3/4" bag --1

Standard disconnects 1/4" (woofer + posts)

Standard disconnect .205" (mid)

Standard disconnect 7/64" (mid + tweeter)

Dayton BPA-38G HD Binding Post Pair Gold --2

Sonic Barrier 3/4" (midrange enclosure) --2

5/8" Foam Sheet 27X42 (woofer enclosure) --4

Acousta-Stuf Polyfill 1 lb. Bag --2

Precision Flared Port 4" diameter --2

Standard Floor Spike set of 4 (pictured out-triggers not included) -- 2

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