Definition BE 3-way tower

Definition BE 3-way tower
Here we are showing our compact 3 way speaker featuring state of the art componentry and a design with an eye for details. The front of the speaker is sculpted using a custom made bit to contour the front edge for minimal diffraction. The speaker is a compact powerhouse using Scan Speak drivers with twice the throw as most other woofers in the competition. The tweeter is beryllium and effortlessly reproduces the nuances in the upper frequencies. These speakers are so easy to listen to, but at the same time draw you in to your favorite recordings in order to discover what you have not heard before. All of this and more is the Clearwave Definition BE.

We have always wanted a compact powerhouse speaker that can play the low bass with authority, maintain stereo image integrity through the midrange, and top off the high end with the finest silky details.  We have used many different strategies in the past to achieve this, however none have come close to our latest technology in our Definition BE.  Our Made in the USA cabinet is loaded with bracing using ultra dense Ranger Board and a customized mix of damping materials to absorb resonance and unwanted soundwaves within the cabinets.  The ports are flared and eliminate noise.  We implemented drivers that have low inductance and underhung voice coils for the woofers and midrange sourced from our partnering driver company in Denmark.  There simply are no better paper based or beryillium drivers available.

This is an all new official product from Clearwave. Bass and imaging is outstanding, and we use only top audiophile parts. The crossovers are hand wired using top tier copper coated stranded wiring that will not oxidize over time. Best of all, this speaker has gone through many refinements, and we built it so that each design consideration was utilized to its fullest potential. This is evident from the hand crafted curved front baffle edges for low diffraction, the point to point soldered crossovers, to the carefully selected and matched transducers.  Our goal for the Definition BE was to create the ultimate compact 3 way speaker that can fit in just about any listening room, but fill even the largest listening rooms with uncompromised control and resolution.  When you buy Clearwave, you help support the Rochester, NY economy and many individuals who take great pride in the construction of loudspeakers and our fine cabinetry.

Here's the list of features:

Made in the USA

Danish 4" and 5.5" top of the line driver technology

Beryllium dome tweeter

Low parts count crossover using the following parts:

ERSE air core inductors

Mundorf Supreme capacitors and resistors in tweeter signal path

Mundorf Evo everywhere else below 90uf

Mundorf Supreme resistor in signal path (tweeter)

Cardas soldering all point to point from binding posts to drivers

High-end Supra wiring

Cardas copper binding posts with gold plating

Custom engraved binding post plate and port ring to lower resonance.

Double thick 2" baffles

Flared ports for low noise

1" material everywhere else with vertical bracing

Flared port for low noise

Proprietary damping material to turn vibration into heat

Size: 8.25"W X 36.5"H X 13.5" D

Frequency Response: 38hz-25khz

Impedance: 4ohm (flat impedance response)

Minimum Power Requirements: 35watt (tube) 50watt (solid state). 85db/2.83v/meter

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