Resolution S

Resolution S
A monitor that takes the strengths of each area in sound reproduction and maximizes the true potential for a monitor unrivaled at its price point.

The S in the name is for the soft dome tweeter.

Lets start with the drivers. We are using the latest generation underhung motor system with a whopping 9mm xmax, and the cone surface area is like a much larger driver-- thanks to the unique basket. You can really hear it dig down deep... down into subwoofer territory. The transition to the extra low harmonic distortion soft dome tweeter is seamless, and here we are using only the best parts in the signal path. The crossovers custom designed and built in house by Clearwave are hand wired using top tier copper wiring with non-oxidizing coating. 

Here's the list of features:

Made in the USA with automotive paint

Danish 5.5" top of the line driver technology

Low parts count crossover using the following parts:

ERSE air core inductors

Mundorf resistors in tweeter signal path

All high end polypropolyne capacitors

Cardas soldering all point to point from binding posts to drivers

High-end Supra wiring

Cardas copper binding posts with gold plating

Custom engraved binding post plate and port ring to lower resonance.

Double thick 2" baffles

1" material everywhere else with vertical bracing

Flared port for low noise

Proprietary damping material to turn vibration into heat

Size: 8.25"W X 13.5"H X 12.25" D

Frequency Response: 42hz-25khz

Impedance: 4ohm (flat impedance response)

Minimum Power Requirements: 35watt (tube) 50watt (solid state). 85db/2.83v/meter

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