Duet LCR

Duet LCR
The logical choice for an all ceramic solution that works right at home as a center channel, left, or right channel speaker. The drivers are the highly transparent Accuton C158-8 and Accuton 1" Cell tweeter. Available by special order only.

We are using the amazing sounding 6" Accuton woofer that has the latest generation motor, and the cone surface area is like a 7" driver-- thanks to the unique basket. The transition to the 1" Accuton Cell inverted dome tweeter is seamless, and here we are using only the best parts in the signal path. 

Here's the list of features:

Dual Accuton C158-8 6" woofers

Accuton 1" Cell tweeter

Low parts count crossover using the following parts:

ERSE air core inductors

Mundorf Supreme and EVO capacitors in tweeter signal path

Mundorf EVO/ERSE everywhere else

Mundorf Supreme resistor in signal path(tweeter)

Mundorf 10 watt resistors everywhere else

Cardas soldering all point to point from binding posts to drivers

High-end Supra wiring

Cardas copper binding posts with gold plating

Custom engraved binding post plate and port ring to lower resonance.

Double thick 2" baffles

1" material everywhere else with vertical bracing

Flared port for low noise

Proprietary damping material to turn vibration into heat

Size: 9"W X 24"H X 14" D

Frequency Response: 42hz-25khz (43hz box tuning frequency)

Impedance: 4ohm (flat impedance response)

Minimum Power Requirements: 25watt (tube) 50watt (solid state).  90db 2.83v/1meter

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