About Us

Our Values:

Building Quality

• Tightest possible tolerances

• Speakers that follow solid engineering and acoustic principles

• Speakers that are built to last

• Close monitoring of all build phases 

Musical Enjoyment and Aesthetics

• Bring the client close to the music with emotional appeal

• Create exciting products that work in the intended spaces and also have aesthetic appeal, yet show a form follows function approach

Low Cost

• Each loudspeakers represents a solid value in its price category relative to the market and competition conditions


• Measurements and subjective qualities go beyond industry standards

• On-going research and development to refine and improve sound quality

• Represent the speakers specifications honestly and accurately

Excel in customer service

• Provide support for the client base by recognizing individual needs, patience, a willingness to listen, and offer timely product support whenever necessary

Officially formed in 2008, we have been delighting customers world-wide with our speakers. Clearwave was formed in order to satisfy our never ending desire to perfect the transfer of sound from the electrical signal into beautiful music in our own living rooms. Years of research led us to where we are today, and we feel our products offer unparalleled value, because of their overall quality and transparent sound. We understand the difficulty in making a decision about which speakers to choose, but we've simplified that decision for you by spending time researching, measuring, and listening to many of the available technologies. We've sifted through these technologies, created our own, and implemented them until we found the synergy we were looking for. This passion is never ending, and with over 20 years of experience designing speakers and a cabinetry facility second to none, we feel that Clearwave loudspeakers will stand the test of time.  Our speakers are hand built and not mass produced.  Our crossovers are hand assembled all point to point.  All of these details take considerable time by a skilled craftsman, but the end result is worth it-- a speaker with heart and soul is created.  

Clearwave loudspeakers are designed to take your audio system to another level of performance in order to bring you closer to real life sound. We understand how to create products that reproduce music that bring emotion into your listening room. We put the most transparent components in the audio chain, and back that up with sound engineering principles. The synergy of these components defines each product we make, and it's backed up with an artistic approach, countless of hours of research, and real world listening. The result is a transformation of your experience into the realm of the extraordinary-- where the musical event is right before you. Offering value unmatched, all Clearwave speakers are made in the USA in a state of the art facility, which includes dedicated spray booths for the smoothest finish possible, a CNC machine for absolute precision, and a finishing procedure led by craftsmen who have worked for some of the most well known furniture companies in the USA. Music stirs our soul and it keeps us engaged in what we love. We combine obsessive attention to cabinetry detail with the relentless pursuit of creating live music in the listening room. Contact us today to audition our speakers, and see why we feel so passionate about this work that brings us such happiness. 

Here at Clearwave Loudspeaker Design, we're deeply humbled when our customers take the time to write to us and express their gratification and satisfaction with our products.  This is why we do what we do!  For your review, we have taken some of these comments from the past and present and put them here anonymously for you to read.  We want to thank our customers for their continued support and making Clearwave what it is today.

"BTW they were not compliments just the truth.   There are no ultimate speakers.....If there were, people would stop designing and striving for the best...to be the best. I've heard . . . [many high end speakers].  Sound is subjective.  I can't see spending money on speakers that could be a down payment on house, a car or education. Its cool I know I have to crawl before I walk. Some people's ceilings are other people's floor.  Not only do your speakers sound awesome-- your speakers close the gap between the have and have not.  They represent resurgence of business made in American.  The rebirth of the entrepreneurial spirit.  There are speakers that may sound better, but I've yet to to come in contact with a business that offers your level of customer service.  Your dedication and customer service will ensure that you blaze a trail and cast a permanent mark in audiophile speakers.  Yes, as you can see I'm happy with you , your business model and your speakers."

"I was completely blown away with these speakers when I first hooked them up.  The bass from them is one of the most notable things, but not the only standout.  The mid range clarity is exceptional and the high end dispersion is something I haven't had before.  I am completely in love with these, I want to thank you again."

"I am enjoying the speakers more and more as I play different types of music on them. Nothing but positive feedback from every one that hears them, the most common comment being how detailed they sound. I am looking forward to having some audiophiles critique them in a treated room with top of the line gear."

"The highs on these speakers are so airy.  Everything just floats in the soundstage free of the speakers.  Soundstage, by the way is not only deeper (with layering) than with [my previous speakers], but also wider and extends out further from the edge of the speakers.  The whole soundstage seems more of a piece somehow.  I could go on and on; micro dynamics, inner detail, dimension, transient attack, pace (these things really move!  Great rhythmic drive.  They let go of the notes and get out of the way of the music.)  And in the end, when all of these bits are put together, the result is emotional and intellectual stew that's infectious.  You want to listen more and more.  They evoke more emotion and insight.... Feel and reveal more and more of the music in small but important ways.  They let the music do its job... And me mine." 

"I have had the Symphonia 7R's for about a week, I am thoroughly satisfied. These speakers are detailed and sound like I am sitting in the front row of a concert, instruments and vocals are where they should be. The sound is clear, precise and fills the whole room. The fit and finish is top notch. I know they will only improve with time. To be honest I was a little nervous about purchasing speakers that I had not listened to, but I must say that [Clearwave] has a great product. Working with [them] has been a pleasure, [they are] more than happy to share ... knowledge and are very good responding back to questions. With [their] professionalism and products, Clearwave loudspeakers will be around for quite a while."

"I am not going to go into great detail about what I listened to but I will make some general observations. Over the last month I listened to Rock, Jazz, Classical, Pop, TV and lots of movies from chick flicks to hardcore LFE movies. The Clearwave’s sounded excellent in all cases. What these speakers do with the highs is very special, especially women’s vocals. The imaging is very good even in my narrow room."

"The Clearwave speaker provides a wide and deep soundfield in our larger listening room while still giving you a intimacy and pinpoint center image. I would have to say this is the best sounding 3-way integration I have heard in several years. It has changed my mind about 3-way loudspeakers and only goes to show how good a 3-way speaker can sound when done properly.  Overall, this custom loudspeaker has earned it's way into our showroom not only for you to audition and enjoy but also as a reference speaker to be used in the development and evaluation of our . . . OEM product designs.  I cannot wait to hear further designs from this innovative designer."

"So, how do they sound? It's pretty hard to put into words how something sounds but I'll give it my best try. The RAAL tweeter and Accuton mid are simply effortless and superbly realistic, especially with good acoustic recordings. The sound stage is huge and deep. They clearly reproduce the tiny little details that give you a sense that you're in the room with the performers. They have a unique ability to just make the music seem to float in mid air. . . . I think it's probably sufficient to say there's something magical about these drivers and the way they blend together."

"The sound stage was amazing. Especially during track 2, 'These Bones', the speakers disappeared and allowed you to hear the location of each voice. Very few speakers I have ever heard can pull that task off, no matter what the price. . . . Every track after that continued to amaze my ears with the sound quality of the drivers and the flawless crossover between the two drivers."

"Thanks for all of your hard work. I love the speakers. They are articulate with satisfying bass, clean top end and a very pleasant presentation. I've discovered pleasant nuances on favorite recordings that just weren't discerned before. I'm very pleased with their performance."

"Just wanted to let you know how great these speakers are! I am amazed every time I listen to them and how much detail they uncover in every type of music I have thrown at them. The soundstage completely envelopes the front of my room and certain sound effects even seem like it is happening right beside me!"