About Us

Officially formed in 2008, we have been delighting customers world-wide with our speakers. Clearwave Loudspeaker Design first came to fruition in order to satisfy our never ending desire to perfect the transfer of sound from the electrical signal into beautiful music.  We never stopped doing what we love most.  Years of research led us to where we are today, and we feel our products offer unparalleled value, because of their overall quality and accuracy. We understand the difficulty in making a decision about which speakers to choose, but we've simplified that decision for you. We've created our own cabinet technologies and implemented strategies of design until we found the synergy we were looking for. This passion is never ending, and with over 20 years of experience engineering speakers, we feel that Clearwave loudspeakers will stand the test of time.  Offering value unmatched, all Clearwave speakers are made in the USA in a state of the art facility, which includes dedicated spray booths for the smoothest finish possible, a CNC machine for absolute precision, and a finishing procedure led by craftsmen who have worked for some of the most well known furniture artists in the Unitied States. Music stirs our souls, and it keeps us engaged in what we enjoy most. We combine obsessive attention to cabinetry detail with the relentless pursuit of creating live music in the listening room. Contact us today to audition our speakers, and see why we are so devoted to this work that brings us such happiness. 

Our Values:

Building Quality

• Tightest possible tolerances

• Speakers that follow solid engineering and acoustic principles

• Speakers that are built to last

• Close monitoring of all build phases 

Musical Enjoyment and Aesthetics

• Bring the client close to the music with emotional appeal

• Create exciting products that work in the intended spaces and also have aesthetic appeal, yet show a form follows function approach

Low Cost

• Each loudspeakers represents a solid value in its price category relative to the market and competition conditions


• Measurements and subjective qualities go beyond industry standards

• On-going research and development to refine and improve sound quality

• Represent the speakers specifications honestly and accurately

Excel in customer service

• Provide support for the client base by recognizing individual needs, patience, a willingness to listen, and offer timely product support whenever necessary

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