Symphonia Mini

  • Symphonia Mini
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    This speaker is the next generation after the very highly regarded Symphonia 7R, which was ranked "Best of 2013" by Part-Time Audiophile. The Symphonia Mini is anything but "mini" in the grand scheme of monitor sound quality. In other words, its larger than life presentation will make you wonder if you really need a floorstanding speaker. That is until you hear the Mini's larger siblings, which it borrows much of the same technology.
    US$ 4,999.00 pair
  • Symphonia Mini JR
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    The Symphonia Mini JR is a new contender for one of the best audio bargains out there. The objective for the JR was to extract the essence of its more expensive siblings, but put them in a more affordable package. We think we achieved that goal and more. This is a monitor that takes the strengths of each area in sound reproduction and maximizes the true potential. Simply put, it's unrivaled at its price point.
    US$ 3,995.00 pair