For mid-sized to larger spaces, we offer speakers that offer all the detail and musicality you could ask for.
  • Definition BE 3-way tower
    Here we are showing our compact 3 way speaker featuring state of the art componentry and a design with an eye for details. The front of the speaker is sculpted using a custom made bit to contour the front edge for minimal diffraction. The speaker is a compact powerhouse using Scan Speak drivers with twice the throw as most other woofers in the competition. The tweeter is beryllium and effortlessly reproduces the nuances in the upper frequencies. These speakers are so easy to listen to, but at the same time draw you in to your favorite recordings in order to discover what you have not heard before. All of this and more is the Clearwave Definition BE.
  • Duet 7 Reference
    A tower with limitless detail and transparency in a 3 way package that adds power handling and command of the music. Available by special order only.
    US$7,000.00 pair