Find You

Let Nelsii Inc. be your guide to discover comfort in your ideal space.  That's where everything has a purpose and quality means closer to peacefulness.  It's you.  There.  

Nelsii Inc is currently a design, life, and nitty gritty consultant for your peace of mind from our space to yours. If Nelsii can't help, your mail will be returned.  If we can, we will respond via mail with a proposal and rate.

We are purposely vague because not all things fit neatly in a description, and that's how we like it.  Somehow though, we know what we need, but maybe you can't find it anywhere else.  Let Nelsii be your guide from aesthetic wonder, what to wear, what should go in that spiritual space, to finding sonic bliss.

Currently accepting communications by mail, only:

Nelsii, Inc

PO box 972 
Skaneateles, NY 13152